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How do we find our artists

When Village Markets was first beginning, founder Jacob Schmalzle started in the marketplaces of Nairobi, Kenya. These craft marketplaces are host to endless treasures from all over Africa:


However, very few of the vendors selling these crafts in the market actually produce anything themselves.

Village Markets organizes producing artists into cooperatives and provides management through local churches. Artists now receive the full benefits of their work and can provide the basic necessities of life to their extended families.  It’s incredible to see how the quality of life for those in poverty can be improved when they are treated fairly!

FAIR TRADE LOWERS costs to you and RAISES profits for producers in a WIN-WIN scenario.

Our vision to empower these artists to work their way out of poverty is only possible with YOUR support. Please be generous and know that you are making a DIRECT impact on the lives of people in need when you buy Fair Trade gifts.

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