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About Village Markets and Fair Trade


Village Markets is a fair trade organization developing Christian partnerships between concerned consumers in North America and artisan cooperatives connected to church missions around the world.

How does this partnership work?

For concerned consumers in North America, it means making responsible purchase choices that directly benefit the sustainable development of artisan cooperatives, where women and children are safeguarded, where there is the environmentally friendly use of natural resources, and where a significant portion of every purchase price is returned to strengthen the local artisan’s cooperative and liberate them from poverty.

For artisans, it means the appropriate sustainable development of their community-based cooperatives by eliminating exploitative middlemen, providing job training and micro credit loans, ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources, helping accommodate changing market trends, and providing a realistic way to bring their families out of poverty.

Through the partnership between Village Markets and Church missions, artisan cooperatives around the world are provided conscientious managers, fiscal responsibility, and a Christian vision of service to society, working for sustainable development and global economic justice.

Village Markets offers hand-crafted Fair Trade gifts that offer you alternative ways to shop that empower, rather than exploit, those who are in need.

Fair trade gives artisans high-paying profits and a market for their goods. Fair trade creates jobs, promotes self-reliance and provides an opportunity for families to work their way out of poverty.


- Warehouse volunteer:  We welcome volunteers to help in the pick/pack/ship process of our warehouse in Dublin, OH.  The greatest need is from October-December, but you are welcome to contribute year round!  Thanks to our many volunteers who help make our Fair Trade mission possible!

- Fair Trade Event Volunteer:  Know of a Fair Trade event in your area?  As our movement grows, events bring together Fair Trade from all over the world and we need your help to represent our artists at these events.  We will send you products to display and sell if you are able to facilitate those sales.  Thank you to our many volunteers who have connected us with events in their communities!  This is a wonderful way to spread our Fair Trade message to exciting new places!

Fair Trade Fundraiser Volunteer: Churches often hold fundraisers to support youth groups, mission projects, field trips, class projects, etc....STOP selling candy bars that are unhealthy and send a majority of the money to a chocolate company!  START selling Fair Trade products that help those in need through the church!!!  Host your own Fair Trade sales event at your church and we'll send you products to display and sell along with signage, checklists and everything you'll need to host a successful fundraiser.  Your church keeps 20% of all sales to support your own projects/missions.

Contact us if you'd like more information ways to volunteer.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 1-(855)ALL-FAIR  You make our Fair Trade mission possible!

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